Prescription Sunglasses

sunglasses on the beach

Throughout the year, almost everyone is exposed to UV rays. These UV rays are very harmful to your eyesight. Sunglasses protect eyes like a sunscreen protects skin. Wearing good prescription or nonprescription sunglasses will slow down cataract formation, and may prevent ocular disorders such as macular degeneration, pterygium and pinguecula. Kids eyes are still developing and even more vulnerable to harmful UV rays than adult eyes. That’s why is very important to teach kids to wear sunglasses at a young age.

We carry a variety of sunglasses such as iconic RayBan® Wayfarers, Hawaiian paradise Maui Jim®, Hall of Fame Rec Specs®, Drivers Taylored Serengeti® and Superior Pilots Randolph® Shades. All of these sunglasses have high quality lenses that will protect your eyesight from harmful UV rays. We customize prescription sunglasses for your every day sun protection as well as sport activities. By the way, while you are involved in your sport activities, sunglasses can also function as safety goggles. Watch that baseball !

Sunglasses Lenses Options

  • Polarized Lenses block off the glare that reflects from horizontal planes. As a result, you feel much more comfortable driving, being around the water or doing some other sports.
  • Mirrored Lenses decrease the amount of light passing through the lenses. These lenses typically benefit you if you spend a lot of time around water or show. For some people, mirrored lenses are a fashion statement.
  • Tints reduce glare, improve color contrast, and create fashion statements. Tinted lenses come in myriad colors.
  • Back Side Anti-Reflective Coating reduces reflections of light that enter from behind you and bounce off the surface into your eyes.
  • Wrap-round sunglass lens designs will compensate prescriptions for curvy lenses. It will result in wearer's easier and quicker adaptation to wrap around sunglasses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some cockpit instruments, such as LCD displays let out polarized light and cannot be seen through sunglasses with polarized lenses. Pilots can use tinted lenses instead.

There are no benefits eliminating reflections from a front surface of the dark lenses. Also, applying ARC only to the back surface of the lenses may result in the cost reduction.

Wrap-Around frame’s curvature and extreme wrap angle of the lenses may result in vision distortions, eyestrain and even headaches. Special lens designs also referred to as Free Form or Digitally Surfaced lens designs will take into account frame’s wrap to minimize distortions.