Computer Eyeglasses

Computer Eyeglasses

Computer Vision Syndrome

Modern life surrounds us with a myriad of electronic devices that help make our work and life easier, but that requires that we spend more and more time in front of screens that may strain and fatigue our eyes. For example, while at work or at home, we have to glance at our printed materials located right in front of us and at our computer monitor situated farther away. The prolonged muscle strain may lead to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Red or burning eyes, headaches, blurred vision are some of the symptoms of CVS. CVS is one of the most common complaints in today’s workspace.


Presbyopia is one of the most common eye disorders in the USA. Our visual system helps us to read without glasses until we reach some magic age through a process called accommodation. Simply put, accommodation gives our eyes more "plus" power as we focus on near objects such as computers and books. The closer an object is, the more accommodation we need. As a rule, after 40 years old we start losing our eyes ability to accommodate.

Who can benefit from computer glasses?

  • Patients who suffer from CVS.
  • Patients with accommodation problems(Presbyopia).
  • Patients with neck pain from looking at the computer screen through eyeglasses not particularly designed for extended computer work.
  • Anyone who does a lot of up close work: administrative, receptionist, accounting, programming, hairdressing and many others.
  • Anyone who has neck strain after working on a computer while wearing your standard eyeglasses.

How can we help?

At Mount Vernon Eye Care, we offer a customized solution to help a patient see their printed materials, electronic screens and immediate surrounding in a clear focus. This customized solution includes a wide array of various lens designs from Single Vision Glasses to Multifocal Computer Glasses. We will design and fabricate your Computer Glasses based on your work environment and hobbies. It will assure that you will hold your head and neck in a natural position.

How can you help us design your Computer Glasses?

  • Measure a distance from your eye to a computer screen.
  • Notice what other distances you look at while working or enjoying your hobbies.
  • If working with detailed, fine print, bring a sample for us to analyze.

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