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In our optical department, we are proud to offer an exciting array of fashionable frames, including selections by top designers, such as Etnia Barcelona® , Hugo Boss, Kate Spade, Maui Jim® , Prada, RayBan® , Oakley® , Silhouette® and many others.

We have also designed our own Z Eyewear line to meet the demands of what people are looking for beauty, class and style at affordable price. Ask us to show you our Z Eyewear ZenEyewear collections!

Our experienced opticians will combine your prescription needs with the latest lens designs and features to ensure the best in vision quality.

We use the latest lens designs available in the marketplace, including digitally surfaced lenses, which are fabricated in our state of the art laboratory

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Key Questions and Answers

It depends on the prescription, the type of lenses, and the type of vision insurance. Some glasses can be made in 2-3 days. For others, it may take up to up to 10 business days.

Given a correct prescription, a modern progressive lens design and properly taken fitting measurements, for most people it takes from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to fully get used to progressive lenses.

Anti-Reflective Lenses allow more light to pass through your eyeglasses to the eye. It results in crisper vision especially at night time. The other benefit of Anti-Reflective Lenses is eyestrain relief during prolonged computer use. At last, Anti-Reflective Lenses eliminate noticeable reflections on your lenses.

When you wear your eyeglasses, the eyeglasses lenses are about 12-14mm from your eyes. In contrast, contact lenses sit directly on your eyes.